Become a part of the recovery community life force.

Anchor’s Community Engagement program is any individual who is in recovery, or an ally of recovery, seeking to offer their time. Volunteers are a vital part of the community and are always interacting with the many people we serve here at Anchor.

Anchor provides meaningful, beneficial, and rewarding opportunities to everyone. Volunteers find that by being part of something larger it support their recovery, gain community service hours, or just to give back! Volunteers support Anchor Recovery’s mission to offer a supportive environment for individuals in all stages of recovery.

By being a part of the Community Engagement program, Anchor you will be able to work in a scheduled, and supportive work environment. Volunteers perform tasks that align with real-world skills, to better assist as they potential re-enter the work-force. 

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As of 11/15/2020 We will not be accepting anymore Volunteers until further notice. Please stay safe, wash your hands, and wear your mask so we can resume serving the community! 


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