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Recovery Coach Professional Training Application


Now that recovery coaches are being recognized as having such a profound impact in recovery, many more organizations are looking to hire coaches. Coaches that can easily demonstrate a high level of professionalism may easily assimilate into these new exciting employment opportunities.

The 2020 Recovery Coach Professional Trainings will be on December 3rd!

Personal Information

Code of Ethics and Conducts
  • RECOVEREE-CENTERED: Anchor is a recoveree-centered community center and all peer supports shall be based upon the needs of the recoveree.
  • NON-DISCRIMINATORY: Any recovery coach/peer recovery specialist or volunteer shall not discriminate against any recoveree, staff or professional colleague on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, social or economic status, sexual preference, marital status, gender, disability or degree of disability.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Recovery coach/peer recovery specialist shall ensure each recoveree’s right to privacy by maintaining confidentiality in all information relative to that recoveree in accordance with applicable law and ensure that any discussions relative to the support of a recoveree or confidential information about a recoveree shall be held when such discussions cannot be overheard by third parties. Recovery coach/peer recovery specialist will not discuss a recoveree’s confidential information or share confidential documents with any person who is not directly involved with the recoveree. All applicable releases should be signed.
  • RESPECT: Recovery coach/peer recovery specialist shall treat everyone with consideration, respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith. Recovery coach/peer recovery specialist shall use accurate and respectful language in all communications.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Recovery coaches/peer recovery specialist are in kind employees of The Providence Center and shall maintain high standard of performance in their specific disciplines. Recovery coaches/peer recovery specialist are responsible for their own licensing and certifications.

By electronically signing this document, I agree to abide by these ethics to the best of my ability.

By electronically signing below, I attest that all information provided on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

By electronically signing below, I agree to pay the $30 fee with cash or check on the day of the training.

Anchor Recovery Community Center will respond to your application with a follow-up email.
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