Anchor Consultation Services

Training and Consulting Services to Support Your Recovery Organization’s Goals


In Rhode Island, Anchor’s work has become the state’s model for recovery support services due to its successful implementation, steady growth and strong outcomes. To assist colleagues around the country to develop these valuable services, Anchor has developed a program of training and consulting services. Our expertise can help you take your ideas on how to build a bustling center of resources and support for people in recovery from the drawing board to reality.


To start call us for a free 20 minute phone call and learn Learn about Anchor Recovery Community Center, the first program of its kind in Rhode Island.  We will provide an overview of Anchor’s services and provide helpful tips on how to get your program off the ground.


“We had a fantastic visit!  The only thing that would have made it better is a second day.  Thank you for all your help and spending time with us.”



If you’re interested in Anchor Consulting Services, please contact Community Liaison and Consultation Manager, Michelle Harter at (401) 721-5104



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